I just made a poem for Pres. Cory during her hospitalization. A prayer perse. But in just few days after, she leaved us. 
Its hard for us to say “goodbye” to a woman whom we loved and supported from the start. Im not yet living when she became the president of this country. But the knowledge i have learned during our history discussion was a big impact to my perspective about the” Mother of Democracy”. She brought back the life all filipinos ever wanted after the regime of previous administration. 
But we dont have a choice but to say so. She passed away physically but the fact that she contributed to the present circulaton was not and cannot be vanished. Its a “tattoe” in the blood and lineage of Filipinos.
She might be the contemporary hero of every filipinos. 
We will not forget you Mrs. President!!!
Thank you for all the things you made for the sake of our country. You really mean so much to us. The goodness, the principle and the lessons you have showered on us will not be ceased off. It will remain forever. It will be an inspiration to the generations to come.
Thank you so much!!!!