I’m not yet living in this cruel world,
When you shared to us the greatness you posses.
You signed to our history as the “Mother of Democracy”
And you showed to the world the power of unity.

I remember the times when people revolted,
Against the power of the abusive regime.
You lead the movement thru man’s initiative,
And you earned support without asking for it.

You’re not eye specialist but you made us see clearly.
You’re not a teacher but you taught us how to speak.
You’re a mother indeed ‘coz you treated us like your kids.
Yet, you’re a president who just righteously your her seat.

Now that a disease is losing your health,
It’s not just your fight but a battle of all.
We’re not leaving you as you leave your presidency
‘Coz your principled acts marked up with everybody.

You’re merely a symbolism of who Filipinos really are.
You are indeed a mirror of what our spire.
That’s why we are praying for your sooner wellness,
‘Coz you’re an “Angel in Yellow” sent for our best!