Last June 22, 2009, I attended the campaign and a forum that tackled about Constituent Assembly as a way of amending the 1987 Philippines Constitution. The five guest speakers are all against the proposal. They were Atty. Adel Tamano, Hon. Teofsito Guingona III, Hon. Palatino, and Ms. Leah Navarro.
I attended the forum not because of the credit it will give but because of my awareness about the said issue. As a youth, I know that I have a big deal of role in the society and I wanna take this seriously ‘coz our motherland is the subject matter of this political-buzzing issue and I don’t want my country lead to risk and chaos.
During the presentation of different but one goal perceptions about the Con-Ass, I attentively listened to every speaker. And as it goes, it slowly enlightened my mind and answers some of my queries about this. It showed me that the House Resolution 1109 is a very satire tempt where it may caused the differences to the culture and traditions of the Filipino people. According to the speakers it is a parsimonious and stingy proposal.
Why they are like that? They can able to sacrifice the sake of the Filipino community just for their own interest. So disgusting!!! Imagine a Filipino betraying HER own race!!! What a hell??? You didn’t just put yourself in disgrace but the nation itself.
I remember one of the speakers resembled Con-Ass to a movie entitled “‘Wag mong buhayin ang bangkay” It sounds facetious but its true and I definitely agreed to him. According to him and also to the news that I’ve watched, Con-Ass has been “killed” for ample times. They are just pursuing it without presenting any papers that this resolution will contribute or even the root for the development of our country. Why is that? Simply because its for their sake.
Well, that’s life
we can’t avoid meeting frenzied people. And the worst thing is that they are all in the authority. How can we fight people who is the most powerful being in the Philippines?
Well, lets just be optimistic!!! We can resolved this “frantic” problem.
Me myself, I just compare it to the similarities of all the movies. What is it? That in every movie superb always win and bad are destined to fall. .