Its been a month when I was reassured that I am really a college student. But not just an ordinary student ‘coz its different when you entered a prestigious university — this is something I am proud of.
Actually, it’s not my plan to enter a prestigious-type of university simply because I don’t want to . But then it came to my life the decision to enter on my present school — De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde. Whoa, I am now a La Sallian! ! I never dreamed this of or even imagine that I will spent my soon-to-be professional career and lend the rest of my education and of being a student here in Benilde.

At first I thought that it will be hard to have friends and linger to them ‘coz most of my block mates are “richie kid”. I never thought that in this short span of time I can have friends whom I can share some of my laughters. Though not all of them can I call friends ‘coz its just starting. But I know that it will grow up to the point when I realize that I’m really a part of the family. I may not be the veracious me today but at some point in time it will burst and ready to introduce what kind person I am.

College of Saint Benilde is the best for me. The facilities are excellent. They are all functional and the best. I love it! ! The teachers are all good. They are all zoosh. The environment including the staffs are very hospitable and friendly and kind.

I know that these are just the new beginnings of the new chapter in my life. I know a lot of experiences can drop from here and as soon as now, I’m thankful for that. I don’t know why but the fact is, I feel free in this university. I enjoy here as if I planned to be here. This is the right choice!!!